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League signs on to call for Iowa managed care oversight

Grant Assists Barrier Removal in Council Bluffs
The League of Human Dignity’s Southwest Iowa Center for Independent Living in Council Bluffs has been awarded a $27,500 grant by the Iowa West Foundation.

The grant benefits the League’s Barrier Removal Program in Council Bluffs. The money will be used to make the homes of lower-income residents with disabilities more accessible. The League’s program works in conjunction with Council Bluffs Community Development Block Grant program to provide up to $5,000 per project. In most cases, the costs exceed that amount, leaving a gap in funding.

The Iowa West Foundation grant will make it possible for many of these projects to be completed, thus increasing the number of Council Bluffs residences that are accessible to people with disabilities. As the population ages, and as more people become disabled, more choices for accessible and affordable housing will be available in the city.

ATTENTION!!  Transportation News

Click here for important information about the Extended Hours Service (EHS) Transportation Program in Lincoln, NE.


The following Public Service Announcements (PSAs) have been sent to area news media. If any of these messages are used by your local media, take some time to thank them and let us know who is helping us spread the word. You can also help by making your friends and family aware of these important messages.

Click here for an important Public Service Announcement regarding snow and ice safety for the winter.

Click here for an important Public Service Announcement regarding our equipment loan and rental program.

Click here for an important Public Service Announcement regarding tips on communicating with people with disabilities.

Click here for an important Public Service Announcement regarding grants for Southwest Iowa.

Used Equipment Wanted
Why do we hang onto medical equipment that’s no longer in use? It may be too valuable to throw out – but it’s not always easy to sell. And sometimes we’re just not ready to part with the personal belongings of our loved ones. Whatever the reason, the League of Human Dignity has a solution: Why not donate these items to someone who can use them? Through our equipment loan program, your manual wheelchairs, folding walkers, canes, bath benches, raised toilet seats, safety rails and other equipment could help someone in your own community live more independently. To donate your surplus medical equipment, contact the League of Human Dignity nearest you.

Barrier Removal Grants Available
Do barriers in your home or apartment keep you – or your tenants – from living more independently? If someone in your household – or someone who rents from you – experiences a disability, you may be eligible for a Barrier Removal Grant. Make your home more accessible – with ramps, lifts, grab bars, handrails, lever-style door handles, power door-openers, wider doorways, roll-in showers, or reachable sinks and counter-tops. Residents with disabilities who meet income guidelines in Lincoln, Lancaster County, Omaha and Council Bluffs may qualify. To find out more about barrier removal grants for home modifications, contact the League of Human Dignity.

Air Travel Security Procedures
In response to travel safety concerns, airport security procedures have been revised with the needs of everyone in mind – including travelers with disabilities. If you use a personal wheelchair or scooter, your security screening may be done in private. You may also request special arrangements for check-in service, carry-on baggage, personal care assistants, service animals, assistive devices, oxygen equipment, or other medical supplies. Be sure to contact your airline well in advance so the staff is prepared to handle your accommodations with efficiency – and respect. A message from the League of Human Dignity.

Snow and Ice Safety

Sidewalks and curb cuts blocked by snow and ice can prevent those with disabilities from getting to work, to the store -- or to the doctor.  Make winter travel easier for everyone by keeping your sidewalks and curb cuts clear.  It's more than good citizenship -- it's the law.  For more information, contact your lcoal League of Human Dignity -- promoting independent living for those with disabilities since 1971.


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